Shenandoah 100 Race Recap 2012

Well, I done did it.  If you are looking for race advice just scroll to the bottom of this post. I off-the-couch jumped on the race and finished in 10 hours and 58 minutes.  That got me 175th place overall and 128th place in Men’s Open.  If I weighed 10 more pounds I would haveContinue reading “Shenandoah 100 Race Recap 2012”

Trans-America bicycle ride packing list

This is what I think I’ll be bringing on this summer’s upcoming trans-America bike ride.  Feel free to use it for your own trips, I’ll write a comprehensive one when the bike finally gets loaded up in May. ON THE BIKE Bike Trailer Trailer flag Helmet Hat (skullcap, stocking cap, or helmet liner) Bandannas ShirtContinue reading “Trans-America bicycle ride packing list”