Desert Solitare

If you know me at all, you know I can be pretty impulsive.  I tend to just go for it and hope it works out in the end.  Mostly, it works great for me.  Sometimes I have to drop back and punt.  That’s just life.

I have been in the Durango area for a few days now.  I had originally planned on hanging out with two friends that live in town for this whole week.  When I got to town, I discovered that they are both out of town on an extended river trip.  It’s just the type of person I associate myself with I guess.  (I did call ahead, I was just not very firm on dates).

So with gas up to $4/gallon, I’ve stayed local and done a good bit of hiking.  Pretty desert-like and beautiful out here.  A big highlight has been the ruins in Mesa Verde National Park.

cliff house- largest cliff dwelling ever built in the world (prehistoric)

The trail list I’ve done over the past three days:

prater ridge trail
point lookout trail
knife edge trail
petroglyph point trail
spruce canyon trail
soda canyon overlook trail
animas mountain trail
sand canyon trail

Some of the overlook trails are are short as a mile, but that last one (sand canyon) was 15 miles.  It was in the Canyon of the Ancients National Monument.  Great place to get away from the national park crowds.

Campsite for tonight: abandoned KFC

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PhD student studying drylands at Arizona State University

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